The Old Soul

With the recent update of the new site, here's a link to one of the renovated articles at that domain about old souls.

The Michael teachings state that the old soul is the fifth stage of our spiritual development in our soul age progression.

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The Old Soul

More information about soul age may be found at the site, which includes a growing selection of articles about the Michael teachings and other spiritual topics.


The Michael Teachings: An Introduction

Michael Teachings: An Introduction

My video introduction to the Michael teachings, a channeled system about the psychology of the soul. Enjoy!

The Michael teachings are a captivating study that considers the inner workings of the spirit.

Initially channeled in the mid 70's and included in a highly-rated book by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Messages From Michael, the lessons are presently accessible through various channels and new books are distributed every year.

The Michael Entity is an extensive soul collective comprising 1050 souls that educate about soul age, the 7 archetypes (or types of souls), the overleaves (or identity qualities), and why individuals and social orders are the way that they are.

Finding out about the teachings helps people create more noteworthy resilience and empathy for themselves as well as other people. The framework additionally investigates the way false identity (or personality) influences the everyday decisions individuals make in their lives and how to be in better arrangement with quintessence (or the higher self).

In this early on video about the Michael teachings, the fundamental ideas of the framework are talked about, for example, soul age, the seven roles, and the overleaves (which incorporate the objectives, the modes, the states of mind, the focuses, and the main components or fears). The monads (or life stages) are tended to, and in addition a brief dialog on the ego.

More top to bottom articles on the themes introduced in the video are found on the accompanying pages: soul age, the parts, the overleaves, the inner monads, and applying the material.

The video is a compressed adaptation of a full-length article about Michael, which can be found at the primary site where an exhaustive library of material about the material is housed.

More recordings can be found at the YouTube Michael Teachings Channel, where new recordings will be uploaded about the teachings and other otherworldly subjects. To get the most recent upgrades just subscribe to the channel and notices will be sent to your inbox.

Learn more at the Michael Teachings website.